BC Research Commissions Pilot Plant at International Industrial Site

Pilot Plant

November 15, 2017 - Fluorosilicic acid is a known hazardous waste by-product from the phosphate mining and mineral processing industry; safely disposing this by-product is costly. BC Research is working, with a large fertilizer company, to design a complete commercial process for a novel technology to convert fluorosilicic acid to valuable commodity chemicals. BC Research received lab-scale results from the client, allowing the team to complete the custom design and fabrication of the pilot plant. The pilot plant skids were fabricated at our fabrication facility, Axton, assembled and water tested at our Technology and Commercialization Centre, before being shipped to the client’s site. The final pilot plant assembly and commissioning is currently under way at site, with BC Research’s team providing all field supervisory services. BC Research were engaged to complete this work due to expertise in chemical process scale-up, the design and construction of pilot plants, hydro-metallurgy, and design of multi-phase separation systems.

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