CMC, UBC and BCRI Co-Founding CCCI

Demand is growing for implementable, cost-effective technologies to capture and re-use carbon as industries and governments around the world search for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In support of this need we are proud to announce that CMC Research Institutes (CMC), the University of British Columbia and BC Research are co-founding the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute with the goal of accelerating the development and large-scale implementation of innovative, novel capture and conversion technologies. This unique institute will provide to clients a high-energy creative hub for the development of breakthrough technologies. The institute has existing infrastructure and is being further developed to allow for high and low temperature fluidized, fixed and ebulating bed testing, electrochemical conversion cells, and piloting units to study gas-liquid, liquid-solid and gas-solid separation systems.

The institute's pilot plant and large testing facility will be located at BC Research’s Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre in Vancouver, BC. CMC’s international network will be key at assisting technology developers engage a consortia to advance novel technologies. The University of British Columbia provides valuable technical and fundamental expertise as this institution is at the forefront of developing novel carbon capture and conversion (CCC) technologies. BC Research’s international experience of successfully and efficiently scaling technologies from bench units to pilot plants to commercial scale will be instrumental in evaluating and bringing technologies to final commercial implementation.

Business in Vancouver - Institute aims to commercialize local carbon capture technology

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