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Ron Britton, Ph.D

Director, Technical Advisory Board

Dr Ron Britton graduated with a PhD from the University of BC in 1970.  Upon graduation he was hired by then Polysar Corporation in Sarnia Ontario where he joined the Research Division and then moved into marketing of Synthetic Rubber.  Polysar’s Rubber Division was eventually acquired by Bayer Corporation of Germany and Ron moved to the headquarters in Leverkusen.  There he managed the marketing of synthetic rubber for the global business until his return to the US in 1995.

Soon after he was asked to come to Vancouver BC where he became a Vice President at Methanex Corporation and was responsible for the North American production facilities.  It was at Methanex that Ron acquired his strong technical knowledge of synthesis gas and its many uses.  Ron became the Executive VP responsible for new manufacturing technologies and new market applications in 2000 and was ultimately seconded to Fuel Cells Canada (the fuel cell industry association in Canada) in 2002.    He served as the President of the Association until his retirement in 2004.

It was during this period that he gained his understanding and passion for major change in energy industry basics as a response to Global Climate Change.

Since that time Ron has consulted to Bluefuel Canada and more recently its sister company, Renewable Hydrogen Canada as Chief Technology Officer.  Both of these companies are developing economic pathways for the conversion of wind power to electricity and thereafter the electrolysis of water to create hydrogen. 

It is the utilization of hydrogen in remote locations that has driven him back to his love of syngas reactions and the company’s current approach to produce a hydrogen derivative to serve natural gas markets in BC utilizing recovered CO2.

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