Custom Research

BC Research's team of chemists and engineers has broad experience in chemical product development. Their backgrounds include organic synthesis, polymer chemistry and the manufacturing of industrial specialty chemicals.


BC Research provides services such as:

  • Lab scale experiments and proof of concept.

  • Optimization of synthesis routes (such as maximizing yield, minimizing waste         stream, reagent/solvent looping, improving reaction kinetics.)

  • Scale up of chemical production from gram to kilogram to ton scale.

  • Feedstock analysis and selection.

  • Evaluation and development of IP position.

  • Alignment of synthesis routes with engineering requirements for pilot scale reaction   and pilot plant design.

  • Development of analytical techniques and QA/QC protocols for process and product     monitoring.

Our team of scientists and engineers can assist you in successfully developing or scaling up your chemical product development process or technology.
Custom Research Services

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Custom Research Services